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Daredevil #26 Review

Daredevil #26 Review

This is my first comic book review and my first daredevil review. So I guess I should catch people up on what I think of this series so far. Basically, I love it! I've been reading comic books, seriously, for about a year and a half now and I credit that to this series. It's Mark Waid's amazing writing that I will always thank for getting me into comics.

As with the rest of the series, this issue was amazing. Issue 26 is special, not just because it was larger than usual because of its two year anniversary but because of the fact that it gave us a big reveal. In this issue we find out who's the villain that's been terrorizing Matt Murdock since issue one (Bullseye). People familiar with Daredevil history will know that Bullseye died in the Shadowland story line. This made the reveal really exciting and a big twist. Another great part of this issue is the portrayal of Matt's paranoia such as the man in the office and the syringe. The issue becomes very thrilling when you find out that he was right to be paranoid. In general, the progression of the story is perfect.

Issue 26 also includes a really nice back story featuring Foggy Nelson in hospital. This was another great addition to the issue as it showed us a look into the imaginations of children in the marvel universe and those suffering from cancer.

Lastly, what made this issue even better was Chris Samnee's beautiful art. His art stands out because of its simplicity and the way the panels are structured.

As this is the first review I'm posting I want to start the blog on a high.
I give this issue a 


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